Cooking Tips: Methods of Using Oil and Spices

Cooking Tips: Methods of Using Oil and Spices

Cooking tips: Cooking is good for every woman and cooking well is the first identity of a successful housewife. Although cooks know all well, many times it does not taste in food which should come in fact which is due to ignoring small things while making food. Perhaps you do not know, but cooking is a very fine art, and while completing it, you should pay attention to the smallest nuances which often you and we do not give.

As a result, it does not taste in food! In fact, to make the food tasty, it is very important to have a lot Cof work together as well as mixing the right spices. Anyone’s heart gets bored, whether it is a wedge or non-veg of the same color gravy.

That is why it is necessary to try different flavors of gravy for healthy dishes. Apart from this, the art of serving food also lays down your cooking style to a great extent, so the style of serving food should also be nice and attractive.

Today we are giving you some unsolicited tips for cooking, with the help of which you can make your food more delicious. For this you will have to pay attention to some small nuances while making a meal, then see the magic of your hands!

Choosing the right oil for good cooking: Best Oil for Best Cooking

Any dishes or food items will be made delicious only when good oils are used for it.

Must always use mustard oil for happy vegetables. While ghee and mustard oil are best used when making non-wage.

Always use a refined oil to fry the puris.

Potatoes, cabbage, peas should be made in indigenous ghee. But by making some special parathas such as fenugreek peas in mustard oil, they become tasty.

Peanut oil should always be used to temper the roasted peanut or roasted gram chutney.

Flavor is good for using mustard oil or olive oil to make the stuffed omelet.

A specialty of spice masala in oil: How to Saute Ingredients in Oil

To make the food delicious, it is very necessary to cook spices and roast well.

After heating the oil, after ginger and garlic paste such as wet spices, one should take special care of the first, then fry the onion first and then add this paste. Finally, add tomatoes. While roasting onion-ginger-garlic gravy, add turmeric powder and roasted red chili powder while roasting tomatoes. When the kadahi starts leaving the oil, then the vegetables, rice, veg-non-veg etc. can add any dishes. The color of the gravy will appear.

After heating the oil, put some sugar in it. When the sugar becomes brown, then prepare Kofta’s gravy in it. In this way, you can also prepare non-veg gravy.

Note Rock salt in a salad, black salt in the sauce, pink salt to make any type of drink and always use white salt for cooking.

Role of oil and whole masala:

The flavors of the spices which will be roasted in the oil will be eaten, such as teaspoon, fenugreek, cumin, asafetida, mustard, cloves, thick cardamom, cinnamon, and black pepper etc. So put everything in the oil according to the need and do not put too much amount, it can spoil the taste of food. And of course, do not roast it more than it needs, otherwise, it may look black, which can spoil the food’s presentation.

So this was some tips you can use to make your food delicious. Using these tips, you can sample all of your hand made delicious food.

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